u want milk in bag
Also, do customers insist an item is a sale item when it in fact is a completely different item and you try to void it and then (because it's Walmart) have to get a CSM to unlock it?

why the hell do customers think they need to tell us what our items cost?? ugh…

(luckily our walmart doesn’t require CSM for items that are below 50 dollars… but those horrible items that are like a hundred bucks and they ‘don’t want it anymore’… ugh)

Do you ever get those people who have like really dirty hands or are like coughing before they pay and you just try to put your hands where they didn't touch the money?

i feel this way about everysingle customer






(i left out the f-word)

The other day at work I was walking out back to put some rubbish away and this guy stopped me and asked if we sold gimp masks, because apparently that is hilarious. So anyway I was back at my desk and he comes through asking for a lottery ticked which I get him. He then says 'You could smile.' but of course I wasn't going to be polite to him. He then said, 'You might be pretty if you smiled. Well, maybe but probably not.' and then called me rude for not responding!!

I’m sorry for the unforseen running out of the queue my dear followers! I had midterms and let it get away… I’m back now! 



"Can I speak to a manager"

this is so real i almost got goosebumps



"Can I speak to a manager"

this is so real i almost got goosebumps


Lady at the counter angrily accosting the barista but she didnt get her free “wiffy” in her drink and she wanted it. 

Took everyone a few minutes to realize she had seen the “free wifi” sign and thought that a “wiffy” was some sort of free flavor thing. 


Am I Supposed to be Traumatized? (rant)


Yesterday we had this crazy old lady in a wheelchair and the WEIRDEST looking feet (she didn’t wear shoes) come into our store. She has come before and has done some weird shit. Last time she was here, she took a cup and ate from every one of the soup pots.

Her visit yesterday, she was there for hours before she decided she needed to use the restroom. Of course, she goes to the customer service desk and asks for assistance to the ladies room. She doesn’t want to be pushed there, no no no. The girl at the desk could have done that. She calls up one of the supervisors who is relatively new at his job (he’s been here 3 years but newly promoted) and he says for her to get one of the girls.

There’s me and Anna (all names changed). I was already busy with the trash so I don’t understand WHY they had to naggingly page me. Finally, one of the girls in floral comes to me and says I NEED to be at the customer service desk.

So I go and was told of the scenario. The lady needs help INSIDE the fucking restroom. I find it absurd. I tell Emily at the desk that I was already busy and the trash to the little restaurant in our store usually needs to be done with urgency. The lady yells, “So you’re going to let me wet my diaper?!”

I tell Emily that Anna is here, too. I march up to Jonny (supervisor) and ask him “what the hell?” and we figure out for Anna to finish my trash. I unfortunately get voted into helping this crazy old lady.

So I go and push her in and we go inside. I don’t want to go into the details because it’s embarrassing and I don’t want to remember but I was rescued by one of my fellow cashiers, Rebecca, telling me to get out.

Apparently, it REALLY ISN’T OUR JOB to assist customers in that sort of situation. I felt really stupid and went to my managers and told them what happened, feeling traumatized. They said that is supposed to be the responsibility of the customer, the home she lives in (she mentioned she lives in a home), or her family members, not a supermarket.

If this lady is really so dependent, then WHY is she out and about? If she pays so much money to this home, then why don’t they send out a fucking nurse? 

I go upstairs to calm down and then go to lunch for an hour. When Rebecca comes up on break, she buys me a hot chocolate from Starbucks. She’s still here an hour later, blocking the door and telling customers that we wouldn’t call dial-a-ride for her. 

This is grounds for me to quit but unfortunately, I need this fucking job. I really have to start looking for something better, though. I can’t be doing this anymore. I’m already a punching bag for the customers and they already think we’re a bank. We also get people treating our store like it’s their house. We don’t need them treating us like a retirement home.

I’m trying to take my mind off this situation but it’s hard. Thankfully I’m off today and tomorrow.

i just finished my first week of real retail and i'm already in trouble for not pushing our stupid fucking credit card hard enough. i worked 5 days and got 5 cards but that's not good enough. i ask people if they want them, and if they say no what am i suppose to do? sign them up anyways?????

that’s so harsh actually… our store isn’t that bad and we don’t get into trouble for not getting cards… I’m so sorry my dear :( Does anyone with the same circumstances have some advice?

I once had an old man walk into the shop and start telling me how beautiful I was (it was creepy but harmless) but when he paid and handed me his money, he grabbed my fingers and started pulling them saying "I'm going to take you with me" ha HA NO THANKS.

So about an hour into my 5 hour shift, my manager told me that he wanted to talk to me before I left today, so naturally I spent the rest of my shift in fear, analyzing everything I've ever done in my life while at that store. So I clock out and go see him, and it turns out that he's promoting me from cashier to stock rotation! They've been really impressed with my performance and want to let me try out other areas of the store. Promotion after less than 2 months! Not bad for a first job :)
What is the deal with candle lady?

this amazing bitch who made a scene because she was inconvenienced at Bath and Body Works

The tumblr post is dead forsome reason. just watch the video you will cringe

however we need a better name than crazycandlelady

I work in a hospital in Catering and while most of the patients are lovely and understanding that the food isn't going to be 5 star restaurant level (Its all made elsewhere and microwaved on the ward), I get someone who demands something else because the chips were soggy. You get all your dinners and drinks for free, what do you expect?

well i don’t know all the circumstances behind this but i am assuming that in most countries you either pay for hospitalization directly ie also pay for hospital food, or (as it is in canada) you pay for hospitals indirectly through your tax money, so again you are technically paying for that food? So it’s not actually free…

I understand if the chips are just bland or not very delicious, it’s unreasonable for the patient to expect 5 star food,  but if they’re soggy chips, you can’t really be expected to eat them right? I know, because my brother gets hospitalized frequently, that portions are quite measured so if the chips are soggy and they can’t eat them, that means a part of their meal is gone and they won’t be filled by that meal.  Why is it fair to expect anyone  to experience that?