u want milk in bag
I work at a micheals as well. We had our electric cart break down twice in 4 months. This is our second time ordering the chair now. A few weeks ago a customer asked why we didn't have one any more. We nicely explained "we have had bad luck with our chairs and are currently ordering a second replacement which takes forever. We do have a manual wheel chair available." She understood and happily went on her way. Haven't had a question since. Maybe your handicapped customer had a bad day? :/

yeah probably… 

also can non handicapped/sick customers please please stop playing around with the chairs because they are most likely to break them

So I got my work schedule and it's from 11 - 3 and on the bottom it's said "extended work hours" and it's from 3-5. What does extended work hours mean? Do I have to stay those hours too?

I actually have no idea dear, you’ll have to ask your manager or a coworker! We don’t have that at our store, so it must be a store-specific thing, or maybe only certain places have it… 

That awkward moment when people want a refund without a receipt and the item is not in the system and the person thinks that you should fix it…

"i want to return this sweater for $$100"

"but sir this is not from our store"

"i know that dumbass my grandma knit it for me in 1957 i WANT TO RETURN IT!!1!"

I hate when you bag everything and then a customer takes shit out and rebags it like I'm sorry my bagging wasn't good enough for you, I only do this EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE I know what I'm doingggg :|


Why do people just leave their carts in the middle of the checkout lane? Especially when there's other people behind them? Do they just forget? Do they really not care anymore? Will I find my answer before the urge to bash my head on the register and pass the fuck out becomes too strong?

i used to literally ask the customer passive aggressively ‘is that your cart sir?’ and guilt them into moving it

and some of them had the audacity to actually insist it isn’t theirs… and some of them moved it a few feet into the middle of the action alley and left it there…


I once had a costumer who tried to pay with a library card... Yes, a library card.

"sir how are you paying for this"



When we put an out of order sign on a coffee machine and customers come up to it, look at the sign, turn to me and say “is this out of order”

yes sir that’s why the sign is there, the sign that says “out of order”

out of order sign = out of order machine

aww don’t be harsh on him, he probably wanted to borrow the sign so he could hANG IT OVER HIS OWN HEAD

Today I was on register and this woman was behind someone who was placing a balloon order. Out of nowhere, she slams $3.25 onto the counter while saying, "I have to go." and speed walks out the door before I can say anything or see what she had. I hate people.

what the f

I'm really quiet and reserved at work because I have a bit of social anxiety and I'm quite a bit younger than almost everyone where I work. I have this one great coworker who makes it his goal every shift we have together to make me smile and laugh as much as possible. It makes my day a whole lot more tolerable. :)

That’s so adorable :) I had the same problem at our walmart, there would be 2 or 3 people my age and then about a hundred people in their fifties… and I was afraid to talk to anyone. Good for you that you have someone to talk to, and I wish more people who are good with people would help out their coworkers like this

I am laughing so hard right now! I now understand that I have anger issues and that it's ok because I'm a freaking cashier. Love your blog.

i … how did this blog help you figure out your anger problems

i wouldn’t blame you for having anger problems if you’re in retail tbh

and THAN K YOU <3


I work in a grocery store and some corporate person was in one day and said that our “20 Items or Less” signs are too small, so someone got a poster display/stand, and made a new sign that says “20 Items or Less” in large letters and printed it on hot pink paper, hasn’t worked at all. People read it and then disregard it.

i think you need more active signs

Today I had to try to explain to a long line of angry customers that the highest value of coins in my till were 20p thanks to management fucking up the change upstairs. No £5 notes. No £1 coins. No £2 coins. No 50p's. I also only had small bags on my till. Guess who every customer in the line decided to blame? And no, management wouldn't take ownership when customers were complaining.


twenty pence

tWEnt y penCes

…i would never in a million ears want to be in that position

my only experience in retail was work experience for a course. I was in the bedding section and this woman came up to me with a quilt that apparently didnt have a price on it and asked me “what do you expect me to do with this?” in a nasty way. i told her that i was sorry and that i dont actually work here and if she wanted i could find my supervisor for her, and the literally threw the bag at me and yelled “well what good are you then?!” and told me she was never coming back. I burst into tears and found my supervisor who told me to take lunch and go home early. I’m scared to work in retail now, anxiety and people dont mix :s

ugh that was so rude :(

also a moment of silence for people who have anxiety and have no choice but to work customer service

I work in electronics for a store that rhymes with gaymart but I don't think I'm hot D': ..

uh, sorry but if you work at electronics you morph directly into a hot electronics person sorry i don’t make the rules

I had someone ask me in drive thru if our meat was vegetarian. ...what?