u want milk in bag
*places each crumpled up and possibly soggy dollar bill individually on the conveyor belt*

*crumples up your items before bagging them*

I love your blog! I work at Home Depot so this is one of the best things ever. It's great to know the cashiers at my store aren't alone in their struggle!!

thank you! We are a mass network of misery

i work in a bakery (hospitality yes but customer service jokes we relate to) and someone ran up wanting to place a catering order for an hours time, we changed the policy over a year ago to 1.5 hours notice, to which he got very upset about. telling me he orders here all the time (if so then he should know it's 1.5 hours not 1) that we'll lose customers that way, i have poor customer service (for stating our policy??) and whould never buy from here again... he called back 10 mins later to order
When I worked last Thursday I saw people already setting up tents outside the electronics store next to the clothing store I work at and I don't know if people are camping out a WEEK in advance I feel like I have to start mentally preparing myself now for Black Friday or else I'll lose my mind.


People always ask me what the price is on CLEARLY marked items and normally ill ring it up to humor them. Today i was so frustrated with the amt of times it was happening. the next lady who asked me got a raised eyebrow and i asked "whats the tag say?" She checked it and replied. "It says $30.99." I threw both hands up and said "$30.99! THERE YA GO!" I got a weird look, but it was worth it.
Bird Shit in her Boot - 4/3/2014


Woman enters the coffee shop aggressively and demands for paper towel. My manager gives it to her and she starts taking off her boot.

"What is it that you’re doing?" My manager asks.


As she takes off her left boot, we all witness the yellow/green bird poop all over her ankles and socks.

We were all stunned and didn’t know what to do…and I go:

"There’s a MUJI store right next to us if you want to buy some socks."

"Well how am I gonna walk over there with bird poop in my boot?"

"I don’t know. You’re not even a customer and you’re blocking people from ordering."

i work at a mitre 10 in australia which is a hardware/timber/paint and i'm on the normal registers not on the trade timber counter so i don't really know the timber as well. we get timber dockets to put through majority of the timber yard boys never put codes next to the type of pine could be design, cypryus etc so i have to ask the customer and seriously they always say oh i don't know what pine, and im like you are purchasing timber and you don't know what you put on your car???

"sir what type of timber are you purchasing"

"pitbull ft ke$ha"

One good way to pass the time is to mentally single out a customer you aren't helping and make up an entire name and backstory for them.

and if they piss you off, think of a particularly gruesome end to their story

I. should not be working customer service. I have a sensory disorder and I'm faceblind. I don't like to be touched, or to make eye contact, so I just sort of stare at the computer, make the transactions, and move onto the next customer. I have a problem. (I've worked there for 6 years though and I've never made a mistake on the register so u:)

that’s fine.

Seriously the end goal of customer service should  be to make sure the transactions go as efficiently as possible and treat customer complaints as fairly and accurately as possible. It’s about helping the customer do what they need to get done at our store. Instead, people have somehow managed to think customer service means licking the customer’s shoes and treating them like they are to ascend the throne of england next month.