u want milk in bag


i can’t even tell you how many customers come in here and try to use a bath and body works coupon

then i have to remind them that they’re in bed bath and beyond

we have this bell with a "please ring" sign that we put out when we go to work in an aisle when I'm checking out a customer I'll just push it to the side and then someone else will come up and obnoxiously ring it a few times when I'm already standing there thinking that I will burst out laughing and tell them how they should be a comedian, but I just ignore it or look at them with a straight face so that they feel awkward and dumb and never do it again
At my old job we had this guy come in like, three times with stolen cans of compressed air, go into the bathroom, huff the cans of air, shit and puke all over the bathroom for almost an hour, and then leave. My manager had to clean it up all three times. You can only imagine how awful the smell was. Right by the break room too, of course.

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At the store I work at we take hangers off of the clothes and hang them up on racks. It was really busy today and this inconsiderate customer left a pile of them in front of me so I started to put them back and the person next in line takes the pile and moves them so they're out of my reach just so I could check her out faster and then said "I'm a customer and I am priority" I hate these assholes...
Now I work at a nail salon as a receptionist. One lady demanded for the technicians to give back the tip she gave them. They offered to refund her M/P but she flat out refused. She proceeded to call us liars and she left. All because she didn't speak up about changing her mind about which pedicure package she wanted

"here is your refund madam. now please makethe return"


"yes maam please rip out your toenails, step this way we have a machine"

"Are you open?" "No" "Then why at you standing at a register with your light on?" Why do they even ask?
i had a lady touch my arm and ask me where something is like lady back up don't touch the merchandise. also last night the freezer stopped working and all the ice cream had to get taken out of the isle and put in the subzero like wtf and arkansas was notified.
"Hi how are you?" "I don't want a bag"

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"they paid with foodstamps, go figure" what

i don’t know how food stamps work actually, but i think they mean they were using food stamps to buy items to resell. i don’t even know if thats legal 

also i literally scrolled through a month’s worth of posts and i cannot find the source of this 


  1. grinder-bill said: literally the last anon you replied to
  2. thelonelyfart said: it was from that ask about seeing a customer’s crack (i think) while they were paying - i think the person who sent it was implying that food stamp users tend to be drug users which is kind of :/

OMG I SEE IT NOW thank you lol i thought it would be further back 

yes the idea that food stamp users =/= bad life choices is a very bad misconception and i think us retail workers should be a little less judgemental towards them. You never know what they’re going through.

although i thought that particular anon’s comment meant ‘they can afford crack when they are on food stamps??’, which, while still judgemental, is a little different. i am probably wrong tho